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AI Innovations, Funding, and Products Q2 2024 Report

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Executive Overview

In Q2 2024, the AI ecosystem saw major players like NVIDIA, Microsoft, and Apple enhancing their AI offerings. Funding shifted towards vertical-specific AI companies, with notable raises by Codeium, FundGuard, and Orca AI, while Elon Musk’s xAI raised $6 billion, and small language models (SLMs) gained traction for their efficiency.

In the past quarter, AI has driven changes in the workforce, with some roles being lost to AI while new roles have been created requiring new talent. The most important workforce change has been the realization by business leaders for the need to upskill employees to keep pace with GenAI.

Without a doubt it’s been an exciting quarter in the AI Ecosystem. Tune in to this Q2 AI Ecosystem Report for the companies, investments, innovations, and solutions that are shaping the future of AI:

  • Innovation: Fluent AI, Nvidia, Hippocratic AI, Cisco, Intel, IBM, Accenture, Google, Microsoft, SAP, Indeed, Cognition, Google Cloud, Fast Company, TermSheet, Skanska, Slate, JLL, EY, OpenAI, Infosys
  • Funding: Databricks, Lilac, BigID, Codeium, FundGuard, Run:ai, Blaize, Sequoia Capital, Orca AI, Xaira, xAI, AWS
  • Products: Accenture, Cohere, Grok, Google, Gojob, H&R Block, International Olympic Committee, Apple, Microsoft, Truecaller, Claros, TikTok

Elements of Report

  1. How the AI Ecosystem shifted in Q2 2024
  2. Q2 2024 AI Innovations driving the market
  3. Q2 2024 Notable startup funding & investments
  4. Q2 2024 AI product & solution launches