Acceleration Economy

GenAI Delivers Supply Chain Visibility, Resilience, and Opportunities

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Executive Overview

AI has been utilized for years in supply chains and procurement to automate tasks, but generative AI promises to revolutionize operations by recommending process improvements that previously relied on human ingenuity. Traditional AI predicts risks, but GenAI factors in more variables, expanding the range of anticipated risks and helping companies develop mitigation strategies.

This report by Practitioner Analyst Joanna Martinez explores the impact of AI advancements amid supply chain disruptions, focusing on real-time transportation visibility platforms and innovative approaches in managing returns, while also highlighting five supply chain products to watch in 2024.

Elements of Report

  1. AI Enhances Supply Chain Visibility, Risk Mitigation
  2. Spotting Opportunities and Risks: GenAI Adds Value Above Traditional AI in Supply Chains
  3. How Transportation Visibility Can Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions Amid Global Upheaval
  4. How AI Transforms Customer Returns Into Opportunities for Success
  5. 5 Supply Chain Products to Watch in 2024
  6. Generix Takes Steps to Build on Supply Chain, Warehouse Management Strengths