Acceleration Economy

How Data is Propelling the Rise of AI

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What's Inside

In this guidebook, practitioner analysts look at how AI (and generative AI) is impacting everything from businesses’ efforts to capitalize on the vast amounts of data they’re gathering to how they seek to differentiate and optimize their company’s positioning.

CIO Kenny Mullican explains how his peers need to position their firms for AI success while ensuring their infrastructure supports current and future use cases. Michael Singer explains how TCS and Google Cloud are working to deliver on infrastructure requirements, including scalability, agility, and the protection of data. Finally, Kieron Allen goes deep on how Google Cloud is building on its long history of leveraging AI to offer enterprise AI scalability and readiness for customers, including Priceline. 

Learning Objectives

  1. The Rise of AI Introduces Infrastructure Challenges -- and Opportunities
  2. Bridging the Cloud Gap For Optimized Data and AI Applications
  3. How Google Cloud Helps Customers Deliver Data and AI Innovation
  4. Action Items: Setting Infrastructure Priorities to Support Today’s Data and AI Demands