Acceleration Economy

AI and Hyperautomation Impact

An AI & Hyperautomation Guidebook

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What's Inside

Today’s automation is yesterday’s in overdrive—it’s no longer just automation, it’s hyperautomation. In the world of hyperautomation, there’s less manual intervention than ever before; solutions span multi-cloud/hybrid cloud environments; and AI plays a critical role in making it all happen.

Our AI and hyperautomation guidebook gives you the blueprint for moving forward, including the impact of technologies such as machine learning, low-code/no-code, and robotic process automation (RPA). Our group of expert practitioner-analysts, including Aaron Back, Tony Uphoff, Ronak Mathur, Scott Vaughan, Robert Wood, and Toni Witt draw on their diverse backgrounds as CISOs, startup founders, and CMOs.

What You Will Learn

  1. Why it's necessary for CEOs to understand the role of AI
  2. Whether you need a chief automation officer for hyperautomation
  3. How artificial intelligence is unlocking new possibilities for marketers
  4. How your customers can benefit from hyperautomation
  5. Why operational rigor is needed for MLOps success
  6. How to manage bias by using the cybersecurity NIST AI playbook
  7. How the US Army used AI to tackle budget allocation and reduce costs