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Report: 5 Generative AI Products to Watch in 2024

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Executive Overview

It’s hard to imagine but there was business before the internet and email. Similarly, soon there will be a time in which it will be hard to remember a time without Generative AI. GenAI has (and will continue) to disrupt business functions across industries and change the way we interact with data.

As more technology vendors are embedding GenAI into their platforms, it becomes imperative to understand the technology and the products it has fostered.

In this analysis, Toni Witt dives into five of the most promising Generative AI products and vendors he’ll be keeping a close eye on throughout 2024.

Elements of Report

  1. IBM watsonx & Partner Plus Program
  2. Writesonic
  3. MosaicML
  4. Writer
  5. Automation Anywhere Autopilot and Automation Copilot