Acceleration Economy

Report: GenAI, Data Analytics Fuel 2024 Cloud Wars Products to Watch

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Executive Overview

The Cloud Wars Top 10 continued to innovate with groundbreaking products throughout the past year. We’ve seen the world’s leading cloud companies redefine the boundaries of productivity, accelerate the power of data, and democratize access to technology in new and powerful ways.

The rapid pace of innovation brought on by generative AI has given rise to new products at several of the Cloud Wars Top 10 companies that are highlighted in this report. Our list includes best-of-breed cloud technologies and products that differentiate the vendors from their competitors in the Cloud Wars Top 10 and more broadly.

Elements of Report

  1. Google Cloud AlloyDB
  2. IBM watsonx
  3. Microsoft Fabric
  4. Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer
  5. ServiceNow Now Assist