Acceleration Economy

The Business Impact and Opportunity of Generative AI

An AI/Hyperautomation Guidebook

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What's Inside

There is no denying the hype surrounding generative AI, but behind all of it, there’s also uncertainty and unknowns in an increasingly artificial world, yet there are certainties as well.

Generative AI cannot exist without intersecting with the other three pillars of Acceleration Economy: cloud, data, and cybersecurity. AI is nothing without data, it’s critical that AI by kept in check by cybersecurity, and cloud technology makes AI possible and scalable.

This Generative AI guidebook will equip you with an understanding of the impact and opportunities of generative AI with insights into the “why & how” from Practitioner Analysts Scott Vaughan, Tony Uphoff, Joanna Martinez, Kenny Mullican, Frank Domizio, Bill Doerrfeld, and Rob Wood.

What You Will Learn

  1. How and Where to Apply AI to Bolster Customer Experience
  2. How Generative AI Is Changing the Future of Work
  3. How to Know If a Software Solution Is Actually AI-Driven or If It’s Just Hype
  4. From Malware Detection to Predictive Analytics, How AI Enhances Core Cybersecurity Functions
  5. How to Maintain Cybersecurity as ChatGPT and Generative AI Proliferate