Acceleration Economy

The Ethical and Workforce Impacts of Generative AI

An AI/Hyperautomation Guidebook

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What's Inside

The benefits of Generative AI are clear across industries: improving patient outcomes in healthcare, enabling personalized advisors in finance for everyday people, redefining customer service and experience in retail. It does come with challenges though, including bias, data privacy and security, as well as low quality outputs.

This guidebook will help you see how generative AI can benefit your business while avoiding the pitfalls that come with adoption, all backed by practitioner guidance on bias mitigation through ethics practices, and frameworks, how cybersecurity principles can help you avoid generative AI risk, the ups and downs of keeping humans in the loop, the emergence of ‘AI natives’ and new skill sets pushing organizations to reskill, not replace, and much more.

What You Will Learn

  1. Why Generative AI’s Impact Makes Ethical and Explainable AI So Vital
  2. How to Balance Ethical Considerations With Generative AI Benefits in Healthcare
  3. How AI Natives Will Impact the Workforce
  4. How Generative AI Enables Partners to Accelerate Development, Innovation
  5. How Cybersecurity Teams Can Identify and Manage Generative AI Risk