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John Siefert

Acceleration Economy

Areas of Expertise
  • Cloud
  • Digital Business

John Siefert is the CEO of Dynamic Communities and Co-Founder of the Acceleration Economy Network, where he leads the strategic direction, business, and community-based focus of the organization by collaborating with colleagues, customers, partners, and friends. Prior to DCI, Siefert has worked in multiple leadership positions, including President roles at Questex and Informa, SVP at UBM, CMO at STYR Labs, and CEO at Virgo, LLC. Siefert’s passion for creating unique content, community, and event-based programming has helped to build some of the largest media brands in the B2B space serving the business technology and health/nutrition categories. In his personal life, Siefert is a father of two, married to the love of his life, and digs beaches, barbecues, boats, astrophysics, and road-tripping.

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