Author: Kieron Allen


Kieron Allen

Cloud Apps and Innovation
Acceleration Economy Analyst

Areas of Expertise
  • Business Apps
  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data
  • Digital Business

Kieron Allen is an Acceleration Economy Analyst examining innovations in, and the future impact of, the latest AI/hyperautomation, cloud, cybersecurity, and data modernization technology developments.  In his ongoing analyses and video reports, Allen focuses on the platforms, applications, people and ideas that will mold our digital future. After serving as the Online Editor for BBC Sky at Night Magazine and as the Editorial Assistant for BBC Focus Magazine, Kieron became a freelance journalist in 2015 where his focus on the business technology market became a key passion. Kieron partners with technology start-ups and organizations that share his interests in science, social affairs, non-profit work, fashion and the arts.

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