Author: Vince Menzione

Let’s face it, we have all seen partnerships that look good on paper but never produce the expected results. There are lots of reasons why alliances can fail, but there’s one solution for you if you are looking to build a successful partnership with Microsoft or any of the other tech giants. I help leaders redefine what is possible to achieve their greatest partnership results! A personal transformation - drove me to successful business transformations: - Top Sales Performer at a startup - $6M to $125M. - A Golden Gate Capital turnaround - Resulted in 5X valuation in 26 months. - Microsoft Executive leading $4.6B Ecosystem for a decade - transformation to the cloud. - Channel Chief for $1B SaaS - Partner of the Year, Top co-sell status, and a turnaround. I apply the leadership lessons and learning of the best in the business to get partnerships right, optimize for success and help YOU achieve your greatest results.