• Keynote: Aligning Business, Finance & Technology Strategy through Automation with Alex Vértiz
    • A strategic discussion on the business, process & customer value of AR Automation to create unparalleled value in the mid-market
    • Speakers: John Siefert, Alex Vértiz
  • The Impact of Automation on Order-to-Cash: Real World Stories
    • Discover how Order-to-Cash automation can deliver up to 3X faster cash posting through real world mid-market implementation stories
    • Speakers: Aaron Back, Sayid Shabeer
  • Defining a Customer Segmentation Strategy to Recalibrate Collections
    • Explore how to organize your collections process by strategically segmenting your customers into groups based on static and dynamic factors
    • Speakers: Courtney Herrington, Bridget Courneya
  • Setting an Integration Roadmap: from Data Readiness to Eliminating Manual Tasks
    • Speakers: John Siefert
  • The Role of AR Departments to Reduce Business Costs and Improve Cash Flow
    • The #1 priority for CFOs and finance leaders is cost reduction and cash flow improvements.
    • Speakers: Aaron Back, Sam Mody
  • The Wrap Up: Top Lessons Learned & Takeaways from the Day
    • Discuss the key takeaways from the day’s binge sessions and what you can put to work for your business right away!
    • Speakers: Bridget Courneya, John Siefert, Aaron Back

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