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As businesses try to return to normalcy in the aftermath of COVID-19, the world — and tax compliance — is continuing along a path of accelerated change and complexity. Ever-changing tax regulations have always been hard to track, but in the current landscape, it’s never seemed more difficult.  

We’re pleased to share the Avalara Tax Changes 2022: Midyear Update. This update supplements Avalara’s annual tax changes report by detailing new tax compliance obstacles and regulations that have emerged in the first half of 2022, as well as impacts on businesses of all sizes and the industries they comprise. 

The update covers the following key developments in business and tax compliance from the first half of 2022: 

  • Marketplace facilitator laws are complicating compliance 
  • Local economic nexus gets harder or easier, depending on where you are 
  • Cryptocurrency can be used for paying Colorado taxes 
  • Real taxes can apply to transactions in the metaverse 
  • E-invoicing and real-time reporting spreads globally 
  • Some states adjust to tax more services 
  • Soaring retail sales add to compliance challenges

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