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How to Simplify Cloud-Native Tax Compliance Solutions With Avalara

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What's Inside

Talk of taxes often elicits eye rolls in the average daily conversation. For businesses, however, taxes are not only among the important topics but also a necessary part of daily operations — and something that can keep a CFO up at night if things aren’t managed properly. The good news is that there are plenty of strategies, tools, and solutions for businesses small and large – and the best ones are based in the cloud.

Acceleration Economy analyst Aaron Back sat down with Maria Tringali, Senior Solutions Consultant at Avalara, a leading tax compliance company with cloud-native solutions for small, midsize, and enterprise organizations, to discuss some of the most pertinent business tax topics, and to answer many burning questions, including:

  • How have the tax laws changed this year?
  • Are we still compliant with the shifting rules?
  • What’s the best way to deal with complex geographical tax calculations?
  • What’s the difference between sales tax nexus and income tax nexus?