With the expected growth to reach $152 billion by 2024, the Business Process Automation arena is a big area to explore but we will break this down during this multi-part series. Throughout this playlist from the “Back @ IT” podcast, I’ll explore best practices, areas to automate, and tools in these areas, and tips to help you along the way.

Speaker: Aaron Back

  • Business Process Automation and How It Impacts You
    The Business Process Automation arena is a big area to explore. but we will break this down during this multi-part series. Join me as I start this journey.
  • Powerful Workflow Tools for Business Process Automation
    Workflow tools abound in many different flavors and choosing the right one can be difficult. What tools do you have in place? Are they effective?
  • Automating Accounts Payable
    AP Automation category is going to continue growing. The question is: Have you implemented an AP Automation solution or strategy within your company?
  • Are Bots Taking Over?
    The F.U.D. effect is real and should be addressed if you are implementing RPA. In this episode, I’ll address this and a new term you should know regarding RPA
  • Business Process Automation and Automating Analytics
    It took a while, but automated analytics is here. But you need to understand some areas of impact. Listen in as I unpack these areas and cautionary items.
  • Business Process Automation and Machine Learning
    Machine Learning is not just a fancy buzzword. It truly has practical applications for your business. Listen in as I breakdown ML and what it means to you.
  • Business Process Automation and Natural Language Processing
    NLP is a powerful tool…if used with purpose towards actionable outcomes. In this episode, I examine natural language processing and what it means for you.
  • Business Process Automation and Chatbots
    With consumer retail spend through chatbots reaching $142 billion by 2024, what impact do chatbots have in your organization? Help or hindrance?
  • Business Process Automation Wrap Up
    Wow! A lot was covered in this series: BPA, Workflow Tools, AP Automation, RPA, AI, NLP, ML, Chatbots and more! Check out this highlight summary.

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