Performing various businesses processes manually can be tedious and take up a significant amount of time. A particularly challenging area is accounts payable (AP) and processing vendor invoices. Doing this manually takes signiciant processing time. When employees have to manually process these invoices, it takes away from their other responsibilities, as they have to pay close attention to detail to ensure they do not make mistakes. This problem has led businesses to look for another solution.

Many businesses are switching to automated systems, such as invoice-to-pay automation. By using an automated system to perform certain tasks, businesses tend to see an increase in efficiency, data security, and employee productivity. Ultimately, with automation, businesses can save money.

After reviewing the various challenges that their clients face, Bottomline Technologies has identified key objectives to implementing the ideal tool to take on these manual tasks. In this whitepaper, Bottomline shares their AP automation tool to significantly reduce the invoice processing time.

Key Objectives for Digital Transformation

Bottomline determined three main objectives to implement their solution. Firstly, it must be a zero-touch experience – meaning it had to be an automation that required no manual processing. Secondly, it must automate PO invoice matching functionality. Finally, it must be embedded within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Their goal was that it must go live within a 90-day timeframe.

Paymode-X Invoice Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is their solution. By using Paymode-X Invoice Automation, they will be able to overcome the manual processing inefficiencies. With this fully immersive program, businesses will have access to real time data. Integrated with Dynamics 365, this system will maximize processing and improve AP performance.

When Bottomline was able to fully review their implementation of Paymode-X Invoice Automation with Dynamics 365, they reported a 40% reduction in invoice processing time. Click DOWNLOAD above to access this resource on the digital transformation to automation.

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