Do your patches seem useless in production? Do you dread deployments? Do you pull your hair out every time? Are you having to manually make changes in production? Let’s make your life easier, while reducing bugs introduced during deployment We will walk through how components are affected by solutions, patches, and manual changes.  We will look at how different components react.  You will leave with the base information needed to make decisions in your own environment. You may have experience in environments where behaviors of how solutions interact with each other were not understood well, or the manpower with time to work on that type of maintenance is slim. I’ll offer steps which help move the organization toward an easier deployment without having to turn it into a project that stops other efforts in the meantime.  I cannot wait to share what I’ve learned! This will not cover how to manage your solutions with DevOps, however, you’ll gain knowledge that will head you in that direction.  

Key Take-aways:

Learn how to read the solution layering on components 

Learn how to read what changes were made in each solution layer on different types components 

Learn how to make sure deploying solutions and patches actually make the needed changes in production 

Learn how to slim down the number of solutions and patches so maintenance is much easier 

Get a high-level understanding of what is in the exported solution or patch

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