AI is everywhere – and now even included in Power BI. Sometimes AI might be very apparent when you enrich your data with predictions by explicitly calling an Azure Machine Learning webservice in Power Query. Sometimes it might by hidden in a nice little context menu when Power BI is automagically explaining the reason of a difference or a change over time in your data to you. No matter if you are a business user, analyst or data scientist – Power BI has AI capabilities tailored to you. In this session we will cover how you can integrate and leverage the use of language R, how to integrate an Azure Machine Learning Service when loading data, what kind of insights Power BI is capable of delivering automatically, how you can create a complex new column without typing a single formula/function, how you can explore your data by asking questions in plain English, … and more! Sounds like a lot of content? I omitted most of the slides in favour to spend the time in live demos instead. Come in this session to learn how you can enrich you very own Business Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence and make the step up from Power BI to Power AI.

Microsoft has certification paths for many technical job roles Each of these certifications consists of passing a series of exams to earn a certification.This session examines the fundamentals and role-based certifications for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, and will help you with the preparation to take the relevants exams. Stefano Tempesta, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) will share his tips and tricks and materials for a more effective study, so you can jump-start your career and demonstrate your achievements through industry-recognized Microsoft certifications. 

Posting groups can appear to be deceptively simple, but the more you know about them the more complex and powerful they seem. As one of the most important elements to your BC/NAV configuration, it’s worth the time to make sure you understand them and are using them effectively. Join in for a straight-forward explanation before we move on to an advanced discussion and demo of using posting groups in different ways, derived from various real customer examples.

Running an effective meetup virtually is not easy. The goal of a meetup is to foster an open community and share information that participants find useful. With this goal in mind, Microsoft Teams has a few different ways that you can run a virtual event. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks.
Gregory Petrossian, Business Transformation Consultant at CSG Pro will walk you through these options to help prepare for your next virtual meetup!​

Are you confident that your sales & marketing efforts will continue to reliably fill your sales pipeline? In this webinar, you’ll learn the strategies and best practices to develop, build, implement and scale a marketing-driven sales pipeline development program, including how to:

Plan and scale marketing efforts to accelerate sales velocity top of funnel
Generate incremental sales from targeted customers at the bottom of the funnel
Reliably forecast quarterly revenue streams with more visibility

Have you wondered how to process a Vendor Return? How about what the field Return Reason Code is all about? Heck I have! Join me for 30 minutes to review Purchasing Vendor Returns and what the field Return Reason Code is all about. You will see how simple the process is and how you can use the Return Reason Code to both automate returns and use this field and values for Vendor reporting.​

Join Belinda to learn the lessons she has learned (the hard way) on having local User Group Meetings that still have that personal touch. Belinda is a co-leader of the Charleston (SC) Power BI User Group Chapter and was a previous co-leader of the New York City GP User Group Chapter.

Belinda’s role with the Charleston Power BI UG is managing remote meetings. Also, Belinda has presented remotely for UG meetings many times over the last few years.


Unfortunately with the way COVID is happening, more and more of us need to look at true cash flow. Dynamics GP has a super simple module called Cash Flow Management that can be setup in 5 minutes and will help you get a good picture of your cash flow. Join us for this quick 20 minute webinar to see how to setup and use this module that you already own!​

Join us for an end-to-end session with the complete process of how to implement dual write between Finance and Operations and CDS environments. Some of the tasks included are: applying solutions, linking environments, creating entity maps, adding customized entity maps, error handling.

Dynamics 365 PSA or Project Service Automation is a fully functional Project Management application for services organizations. Whether you are doing Fixed Priced/Milestone based projects or Time & Materials projects, D365 PSA is the right platform for any organization already using D365. In this session you will hear from our Delivery Head, Kuldeep Gupta, who has written one of the first e-book on PSA , has published several articles on the Dynamics community and publications like MSDynamicsWorld.

You’ve Upgraded…What’s Changed?” If you’ve jumped a few versions or your post-upgrade training consisted of “Can I still do my old tasks?”; this session is for you! Join Abra Gilman, Amber Bell, and Shawn Dorward as they show you some of their favorite new and “not so new” features in GP. Including: Navigation Lists, SmartList Designer, PowerBI, Workflow, Doc Attach and more! Whether you are a GP User or GP Partner…come to this session to learn how you can revolutionize your GP System!