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At this Fireside Chat session — now available on demand with a premium subscription to Acceleration Economy — GOYA Foods’ CIO Suvajit Basu recounts the dramatic steps his company, and he personally, needed to take in response to COVID, and how important technology is in the company’s business strategy.

Highlights from Suvajit Basu and What You Will Learn:

  • How the pandemic rendered vast amount of demand planning, inventory management and replenishment systems incapable of predicting customer demand. The company saw four months of food supply sell out in a couple days. Key lesson: “Old data has almost no value.”
  • One of the key issues that is impeding supply chains today is the fact that supply chain activity (trains, trucks, ships) is long and slow. And because of driver shortages, high gas prices, war inUkraine, the pandemic, congested ports, and other factors, the situation is not getting better quickly. “The global supply chain risk index is high,” he said.
  • His company’s emphasis on acquiring and quickly implementing third-party vendors’ technology, as opposed to internal development, placing more focus on building strong relationships with vendors as partners.
  • Why Basu and other key leaders went to the office daily during the pandemic: “As leaders — captains of the ship — I wanted to be on board.”
  • Basu and his team emphasize the three Ps of: purpose (company ethos), products (providing food for customers and those in need), people (treating people right yields longevity).

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