Acceleration Economy

Executive Insights of The Metaverse for Business

An Acceleration Economy Resource With Exclusive Insights for CXOs

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What's Inside

The Metaverse hit the scene hard in 2021 creating a craze of investments, acquisitions, and hype, with businesses of all sizes trying to imagine how models can be recreated around these platforms and what is so “different’ it.

Today, businesses in multiple industries, like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and more are realizing there are unique applications of augmented/virtual and mixed reality Metaverse-like approaches they can harness to change the way they get things done. However, this is just
the top of the first inning in truly understanding the why & how of Metaverse for business, which is exactly what the Acceleration Economy Analyst team explores in this guidebook.

What You Will Learn

  1. The Metaverse Explained: What is it and Why Does it Matter?
  2. How Will the Metaverse Impact the Global Economy?
  3. Reality 2.0: How Mixed and Augmented Reality Support Life Enchantment Experiences
  4. 4 Ways Augmented Reality Can Help Your Business
  5. 9 Must-Have Tools for Building the Immersive Internet
  6. How APIs Will Unlock the Power of the Metaverse
  7. How SMBs Can Get Started with Metaverse Technologies Today
  8. How Marketing Can Build Opportunities in the Metaverse