Celonis is best known as the pioneer in process mining, with a product line that has expanded to include its core Execution Management System, or EMS.

EMS provides real-time views into data from systems, documents, and event streams, seeking to identify inefficiencies, recommend improvements, and execute corrective actions.

Process mining discovers, monitors, and improves business processes as they currently function, providing what Celonis describes as an X-ray of a business.

A few key characteristics set Celonis apart:

• Deep pockets: It’s raised well over $2 billion, and has been valued at over $13 billion, so it’s strongly positioned to weather economic headwinds.
• Customers as advocates: It is regularly referenced on the earnings calls of global public companies whose top executives cite cost savings and other benefits realized with Celonis’ software.
• Strong performance track record: Its customers report hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars in savings for the largest, most advanced installations.

This Guidebook includes content curated to help you understand why Celonis is a company that you should be evaluating — and to understand how you could become one of those realizing game-changing ROI.

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