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In this CXO2 Jam Session— now available on demand with a premium subscription to Acceleration Economy — Bob Evans, Tony Uphoff, Scott Vaughan, and Mike Dudgeon, Senior Director of Global Strategic Accounts at LinkedIn, discuss how the cloud enables organizations to become growth accelerators as well as how are using the research of LinkedIn’s B2B Marketing Institute to develop strategies for

the research of LinkedIn’s B2B Marketing Institute as well as how the cloud enables organizations to become growth accelerators.

Highlights From the Conversation and What You Will Learn:

  • How do you become a growth accelerator? Growth is about more than just revenue. Organizations and business leaders must consider growth in opportunity, development, processes, and becoming better corporate citizens. By having this holistic view, your company culture can shift to having a growth mindset.
  • LinkedIn’s B2B Marketing Institute conducts deep research and collaborates with other research groups worldwide. The institute also considers the contrarian position, shedding light on less obvious information. The institute has shared research on topics such as cloud and business intelligence, which is also useful for marketers when developing marketing strategies.
  • Cloud providers need to stay sharp as the cloud continues to evolve over time by understanding the power of pricing in relation to category optionality, which the institute has covered.
  • As the cloud moves into more parts of the organization, it’s enabling companies of any size to solve complex problems, rapidly scale, and successfully undergo business model transformation.

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