Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Expo

At this Financial Services Industry Cloud Battleground session — now available on demand with a premium subscription to Acceleration Economy — Workday Product Strategy Lead, Financial Services Angela Borth, Senior Industry Director of Financial Services Jim Gahagan, and Vice President of Industry Solution Marketing Indy Bains answer questions from attendees about Workday’s cloud solutions for financial services industry customers. Acceleration Economy analyst Wayne Sadin moderates this session, which covers how Workday keeps the digital customer experience in mind in its cloud solutions, emphasizing ease of use, seamless performance, manageable data sources, cybersecurity, and rapid implementation. Also covered are the ways that Workday, keeping innovation in mind, connects large financial institutions and fintech startups via its partner ecosystem.

What You Will Learn:

  • Workday solutions are designed for rapid adaptability, and are particularly adept at helping get new or recently divested financial services or fintech businesses up to speed in mere months.
  • Workday’s differentiated approach to cybersecurity includes SOC 2 certification every six months and a one core version focus, which means that every piece of security is incepted, designed, and tested on one code base. This means that it is able to offer 100-percent data encryption to its customers, which is unique in the cloud space.
  • Workday helps financial services organizations stay ahead with innovations in the technology space via a robust fintech partner ecosystem.
  • Workday utilizes one data source, not multiple platforms, which translates into a more seamless experience for the customer.
  • Workday technology is created with process control in mind, which gives users more control and less reliance on their workplace technologies.

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