Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Expo

At this Industry Cloud Battleground session — now available on demand with a premium subscription to Acceleration Economy — Doc Vaidhyanathan, CTO/CPO Compliance Technology for IBM Cloud, and Utpal Mangla, General Manager, Industry EDGE Cloud for IBM Cloud, share how IBM‘s Manufacturing Cloud plus the power of edge computing, AI/ML, and distributed clouds are creating new opportunities for manufacturers and solve supply chain issues.

Highlights from Utpal Mangla, Doc Vaidhyanathan, and What You Will Learn:

  • How manufacturers should consider the cloud is just a “means to a solution to multiple problems that exist.” Thinking should extend by verticalization and looks to optimize process improvement and the many tools that are in use.
  • Why the power of the edge cloud is critical in providing services to the shop floor in an industrial setting such as manufacturing, automotive, energy, and utilities.
  • How AI/ML, 5G, edge cloud, and distributed clouds are used in manufacturing, for example, for visual inspection tasks and doing compute processes in the context of the user and location.
  • Security is “must-have” for the volumes of data being transferred, but also ensuring the right people have access. Uptal calls out the Cloud Satellite solution from IBM that allows manufacturers to put controls in place to validate things from and industry, regulation, and compliance standpoint for every country.
  • In looking ahead, Uptal sees more integration of supply chain manufacturing, increased automation usage, rapid adoption of AI/ML, and blockchain to create opportunities for monetization, operational efficiencies, and digital transformation.

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