Acceleration Economy

How Purpose-Built Industry Clouds Dazzle Customers

An Acceleration Economy Industry Cloud Guidebook

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What's Inside

As the digital revolution kicks into full swing and consumers as well as business customers expect the companies, they buy from to offer entirely new engagement models, fulfillment models, and data-driven products and services, traditional applications simply can’t deliver the goods.

To meet this massive new wave of demand, the major cloud providers are offering a new generation of purpose-built industry clouds and industry-specific solutions to enable businesses to dazzle their customers.

Through this Industry Cloud Guidebook, you will find my choices for some of the most compelling industry-cloud developments of 2022 from the major cloud providers driving this explosive new category!

What You Will Learn

  1. Oracle Cloud Surges and Industry Wave Is Building
  2. Workday Co-CEO Aneel Bhusri: The Next $5 Billion
  3. SAP Banks on Partners to Help Build Massive Industry-Cloud Portfolio
  4. IBM Cloud Breakthrough: Slash Banks’ IT Spending by 40%
  5. Transitioning from Pledges to Performance with Microsoft’s Cloud for Sustainability
  6. How Microsoft’s ‘Industry-First’ Cloud Solutions Drive Business Agility
  7. Larry Ellison Unveils Next Big Oracle Thing: ERP Plus Industry clouds
  8. ROAD to Cloud Wars Expo: Industry Cloud Top 10 Report Card
  9. Walmart Enters the Cloud Wars and Challenges Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP
  10. Salesforce Secret Weapon Driving Massive Deals