Acceleration Economy

Innovation Report: watsonx, Cognitive Supply Chain, Cognos Analytics, Process Mining & Partner Plus

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Executive Overview

Acceleration Economy relies on real-world insights from C-Suite executives — our practitioner analysts — who have spearheaded digital transformations in mid-market and enterprise companies.

In 2024, these practitioners compiled a list of leading products across various enterprise technology categories, with IBM emerging as the only company featured in five out of eight segments including cloud, AI, supply chain, and more.

Bob Evans, Cloud Wars Founder and Co-Founder of Acceleration Economy, attributes IBM’s success to CEO Arvind Krishna’s focus on driving innovation amid industry shifts, particularly in response to the pandemic and the rise of GenAI.

Elements of Report

  1. Innovation at IBM
  2. IBM CEO Krishna Unleashes ‘Innovation Co- Creation’ with Customers, Partners
  3. Process Mining Products to Watch: IBM
  4. Reporting Products to Watch: IBM Cognos Analytics
  5. Cloud Wars Products to Watch: IBM watsonx
  6. Supply Chain Products to Watch: IBM Cognitive Supply Chain
  7. AI Products to Watch: watsonx & Partners Plus