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Cloud Wars Top 10 CEO Priorities

A Cloud Wars CEO Outlook Guidebook

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What's Inside

In the face of general economic uncertainty, the cloud continues to revolutionize businesses by enabling transformative technology and creating unprecedented possibilities for innovation and value.

This Cloud Wars CEO Outlook guidebook is a companion to the “Cloud Wars Top 10 CEO Outlook Digital Summit” where Cloud Wars Founder and Acceleration Economy Co-Founder Bob Evans sits down with the leaders of the world’s largest and most influential cloud providers. These interviews include Oracle’s Safra Catz, Google Cloud’s Thomas Kurian, and ServiceNow’s Bill McDermott, SAP’s Christian Klein, Snowflake’s Frank Slootman, IBM’s Arvind Krishna to glean insights into the direction they see their companies, customers, and the cloud moving.

The interviews are accompanied by Analyst Takes from our group of practitioner-analysts, including Wayne Sadin, Tom Smith, Aaron Back, Tony Uphoff, Janet Schijns, Joanna Martinez, and more, drawing upon their diverse C-level backgrounds and areas of expertise such as cybersecurity, data modernization, and AI/hyperautomation to reflect on the CEO interviews.

What You Will Learn

  1. How Google Cloud's youthful mindset differentiates itself in the Cloud Wars
  2. Why Frank Slootman, Snowflake CEO, hates the term "digital transformation"
  3. How SAP became the world's second-fastest-growing major cloud provider by focusing on adoption and customer success culture
  4. The role artificial intelligence (AI) will play for IBM in cybersecurity and automation as its capabilities expand
  5. Oracle's big plans for the healthcare industry
  6. How ServiceNow's Bill McDermott sees customer behavior changing in the new economic reality