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How Oracle Has Become the Hottest Cloud Vendor

An Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Top 10 Guidebook

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What's Inside

There is a widespread misconception within the enterprise-cloud community that Oracle’s dramatic success in the cloud and its emergence as the world’s fastest-growing major cloud provider are due exclusively to its acquisition of healthcare powerhouse Cerner.

It’s true that Cerner brings not only about $5 billion in annual revenue but also a fabulous list of healthcare customers, as well as some terrific technology, strong leadership, and deep knowledge of how the world’s largest industry — healthcare — works.

But I argue that Oracle’s cloud resurgence goes far beyond Cerner for a variety of reasons, with these two being at the forefront: First, the hypergrowth in Oracle’s cloud-infrastructure business and its continued strength in its cloud-applications portfolio, and, second, Larry Ellison’s decision to go all-in on customer choice by forging very different types of multi-cloud deals with Microsoft and AWS to allow Oracle databases to run on those companies’ infrastructures.

What You Will Learn

  1. Why Oracle is becoming an AWS customer to boost database share
  2. Why Oracle is now the Oracle world’s hottest major cloud vendor
  3. Why Oracle Microsoft multi-cloud wins FedEx superstar CIO Rob Carter's endorsement
  4. How Larry Ellison and Satya Nadella create the multi-cloud future
  5. Why Oracle jumped to #5 on Cloud Wars Top 10, and SAP slipped to #6