Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Expo

At this Keynote/Fireside Chat session — now available on demand with a premium subscription to Acceleration Economy — SAP CMO Julia White and Cloud Wars Founder Bob Evans discuss the benefits of shifting to cloud, as demonstrated by marquee customers including Moderna, as well as sustainability.

Highlights From Julia White, and What You Will Learn:

  • SAP emphasizes with customers, including through its RISE with SAP program, that the objective should not be lifting and shifting current applications and processes to the cloud, but rather rethinking and transforming business. About 2,000 customers have worked with SAP as of White’s keynote on RISE with SAP.
  • How SAP Cloud ERP helped power growth at COVID vaccine manufacturer Moderna, supporting the company as it adapted to business change. It helped manage functions such as track and trace to ensure compliance from manufacturing to delivery.
  • The SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises promises to reporting, among other functions.
  • About 70% of CEOs are unsure of how to gather the appropriate data and begin generating specific metrics that drive behavior and focus the minds of people throughout a company and across its stakeholders
  • Why White views sustainability as “the greatest economic opportunity of our time.”

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