Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Expo

At this Industry Cloud Battleground session — now available on demand with a premium subscription to Acceleration Economy — Simon Floyd, Director of Manufacturing & Transportation Industries at Google Cloud, shares personal perspectives on his childhood in the toy manufacturing industry, what led him to Google Cloud, and where they are headed with their manufacturing cloud solutions.

Highlights from Simon Floyd and What You Will Learn:

  • Simon sets the stage by introducing various solutions that Google Cloud incorporates into its manufacturing ecosystems, such as its Manufacturing Data Engine, Intelligent Products, and Last Mile Fleet Solutions.
  • How Google Cloud interconnects IT and OT using an industry ontology made available through its factory solutions, production solutions, and hybrid/multi-cloud & industry standards. Google did this in conjunction with the OPC Foundation to create strong industrial interoperability standards.
  • Why Google Cloud’s integrated supply chain approach not only utilizes inbound and outbound supply solutions, but includes “through-factory” with its manufacturing data engine.
  • How the Renault Group improved operational efficiencies with Google Cloud through integrated manufacturing, supply chain, demand planning, logistics, and shipping. All of which is underpinned by dedicated AI to create accurate forecasting, and a unified data platform with an “always-on” infrastructure.
  • How a security-first architecture is Google Cloud’s standard for encrypting data while in use, in transit, and at rest. Further, Google Cloud’s Chronicle delivers intelligence-based security telemetry and combines that with its partnership with Splunk for OT/IT security.
  • Why Google Cloud is making artificial intelligence available for everybody, everywhere, and how they are combining that with AR/VR, using Google Glass, to provide these capabilities at scale. For example, AGCO Corporation is using Google Glass to enhance the employee’s capabilities and to operate hands-free for their manufacturing tasks.

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