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In this Cloud Wars Expo Industry Cloud Battleground Financial Services Industry Battleground session — now available on demand with a premium subscription to Acceleration Economy — Sabina Zafar, Head of Technology Platform Modernization, North America, Oracle, and Jon Rooney, Group Vice President, Industry Marketing, Oracle, explain how in today’s age of “super apps,” consumers just want a single application that lets them do everything in one place. Oracle’s customers want to be a part of creating and offering that kind of embedded, seamless experience. The pair also discuss the company’s approach to data sharing and data sovereignty.

What You Will Learn:

  • Zafir asserts that “embedded finance” is future of the financial services industry, and explains how Oracle financial cloud solutions can help its customers modernize to get there.
  • Oracle has created thousands of APIs that can assist its customers in building upon the Oracle Cloud. Oracle’s SaaS solutions are also running on Oracle Cloud. To help financial services customers undergo a financial modernization or an embedded finance strategy, Oracle provides a public cloud, a private cloud, and a hybrid cloud that creates parity among all its applications.
  • To address data sovereignty, Oracle takes an “on-premise cloud” approach, which is to build small data centers across the world in order to keep data within a customer organization’s national borders with an “on-premise cloud” solution.
  • Oracle helps its partners transition from legacy systems while their business continues to operate. In highly-regulated industries such as financial services, security and compliance are the top concerns for any financial institution that is onboarding cloud systems. Oracle helps its customers with modern technology systems that are self-patching and self-learning and require less maintenance, leading to greater efficiency and more security for its financial services customers.

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