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SAP’s Industry Cloud – key take-aways

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Key points from SAP’s presentation at the Cloud Wars Industry Battleground event on June 23, 2021. This post summarizes what SAP’s industry cloud is, key details about SAP’s approach, and how SAP can help you to simplify and accelerate business transformation and adopt best and next practices for your industry.

Is SAP’s industry cloud an industry-specific ERP solution?

No. SAP S/4HANA cloud is our modular, cloud-native ERP solution. Best-practice configurations are available for 25 industries. This helps customers to optimize their business, but they also need to transform their business for the future, and ensure ongoing innovation. This is why SAP launched its industry cloud in 2020.

What is SAP’s industry cloud?

SAP’s industry cloud is an open innovation space for SAP and its partners to develop next practice industry solutions. SAP’s industry cloud helps businesses to adopt new practices and business models as they emerge, to differentiate and stand out in their industry – to get ahead, and stay ahead of the competition. SAP’s industry cloud solutions can be found on the SAP Store and can also be purchased directly from SAP and our Partners.

What did SAP highlight in this session?

Industry cloud gives developers access to the many capabilities of SAP’s open technology platform – including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). We welcome co-innovation – with customers and with partners. SAP’s industry cloud solutions can work with and extend SAP’s intelligent suite and business network solutions. They can also work with each other. Next practices from one industry can often be adopted in other industries – so, SAP offers one industry cloud, not separate clouds for each industry.

How can SAP help with digital transformation initiatives?

RISE with SAP is our new Business Transformation as a Service offering. RISE with SAP can simplify and accelerate your move to cloud-based ERP, with your best-practice industry configuration. Industry transformation packages are also available, helping you to adopt the next-practice solutions from SAP’s industry cloud that are right for your business