Acceleration Economy

Executive Insights Into the Why and How of Work’s Future

An Acceleration Economy Leadership Guidebook

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What's Inside

The perfect storm of disruptive technology, massive demographic shifts, and a global pandemic has caused irrevocable changes in the nature of work. Business leaders in every industry are grappling with dramatic changes in employee engagement and satisfaction, major supply-chain disruptions, and shifting geopolitical dynamics impacting their businesses

However, the two most important questions executives must answer remain the same as before:

  1. How do we make money?
  2. How does the work get done?

This Acceleration Economy Leadership Guidebook provides practitioner-led CXO insights that help answer these questions.

What You Will Learn

  1. Why remote work and offices are both here to stay
  2. Why the Great Resignation will continue
  3. The Realities of Business Model Transformation
  4. Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) Should Be Considered in the Context of Friend and Foe