Acceleration Economy

How CIOs Influence Strategic Business Direction

Exclusive Insights for CXOs from the Acceleration Economy Analyst Network

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What's Inside

At Acceleration Economy, we talk regularly about the importance of technical understanding at the C-Suite and board level. The hot topics in today’s business world are more interlaced with technology than ever before: cybersecurity, supply chain issues, staffing, mergers and acquisitions, privacy, sustainability, and, of course, the ever-present and yet elusive “digital transformation.”

These can all have a huge impact on a company’s growth and bottom line and are increasingly reliant on such technologies as cloud, mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation. Download this guidebook, featuring the insights of myself, fellow CXO Wayne Sadin and Cloud Wars founder Bob Evans, to discover how you can strategically influence business direction.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to operate as a more engaged, effective CIO
  2. How to gain the trust of your CEO and board of directors
  3. How to scale your influence during digital transformations
  4. How to optimize your digital future