Acceleration Economy

Partners Ecosystem Strategy and Optimization

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What's Inside

Do you have partners who you trust?

In the age of digital transformation, the partners ecosystem is more complex and more necessary than ever. The right, experienced partners are the difference between a company that soars and one that stays treading water (or worse). You need a strategy to ensure that you’re getting the support you need from independent software vendors (ISVs), consultants, integrators, and whomever you’ve chosen to partner with.

Strengthen your partners ecosystem.

The Partners Ecosystem Guidebook helps you strengthen your partners ecosystem by explaining the ecosystem’s importance; offering criteria for how to choose partners; direction on how to optimize the use of partners in your business; and more.

What You Will Learn

  1. How partners can help you conserve and reduce the technology spend at your firm
  2. How partners are developing industry-specific solutions
  3. The role partners play in recession-proofing your business
  4. Identifying true cloud partners
  5. Why you need partners who are innovation-savvy