Acceleration Economy

Sustainability Strategy and Execution

A Sustainability Guidebook Built for the 2023 Sustainability Impact Digital Summit

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What's Inside

Sustainability goes far beyond recycling, bumper stickers, acknowledging Earth Day, or making flowery pledges. Yes, it’s great to be vocal about passions and intent, but it’s another to actually take action that delivers real-world outcomes.

Further, today’s consumer wants to know more than ever that they are engaging with companies for whom sustainability is a top priority. That means that executives and other business leaders should be up-to-date about the latest in sustainable practices, and recognize the important role that technology plays in achieving global results.

Combined with the Sustainability Impact Digital Summit, our Sustainability Guidebook puts context around vital priorities, where to start and where to focus. All of this is brought together through first-person perspectives of Acceleration Economy Practitioner Analysts Aaron Back, Bob Evans, Wayne Sadin, and more, drawing on their wide range of enterprise and executive experience across different industries.

What You Will Learn

  1. Why profitability and sustainability seem to be at odds -- but really aren't.
  2. How the top technology companies in the world are approaching their sustainability goals.
  3. How the use of data to mitigate organizational impacts and reach sustainability goals.
  4. Why the role of cybersecurity is necessary to secure critical infrastructures.
  5. Why companies should move beyond selfish aspirations and empower customers to reach their environmental goals.
  6. How to move beyond traditional “green” marketing efforts and truly infuse sustainability into your brand, communications, and GTM strategy.