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Report: 5 Cybersecurity Products to Watch in 2024

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Executive Overview

From cloud-native environments such as containers to the distributed workforce to the implementation of zero trust to the risks associated with generative AI (GenAI), cybersecurity threats — along with the broader cybersecurity software market — are rapidly evolving.

CISOs and their teams need the right tools to mitigate risks and ensure they aren’t caught flat-footed against a committed group of attackers, from nation-states to cybercrime groups, all looking to capitalize on poor security postures.

In this analysis, CISO Chris Hughes delves into five of the most promising cybersecurity products and vendors to keep an eye on in 2024. All deliver innovative capabilities that customers can leverage in the constantly evolving battle against attackers.

Elements of Report

  1. CloudStrike Falcon
  2. The NetRise Platform
  3. Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud
  4. Wiz AI Security Posture Management (AISPM)
  5. Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange