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Acceleration Economy

The Role of CASB with DLP | Unlocking Hybrid Work’s Potential Safely

What's Inside

Cloud applications have made a work from anywhere/hybrid environment a reality that users, supply chain partners, and customers have taken full advantage of for productivity gains. However, this has dramatically increased the threat perimeter, resulting in unmanaged software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and insecure data sharing with third-party partners.

This CISO guidebook, featuring Acceleration Economy CISO practitioner analysts Chris Hughes and Frank Domizio, leads business and technology professionals through the potential of a Secure Cloud Access (CASB) architecture and solutions to enable Data Leak Protection (DLP).  

This “no fluff” analysis outlines the steps to take within myriad work environments, and how to ensure data protection across the distributed enterprises we manage in the modern business.

Learning Objectives

  1. Cloud and Hybrid Work Deliver Major Benefits but Require Comprehensive, Robust Security
  2. The CASB Features You Need to Secure Data in the Cloud, Hybrid Work
  3. Features and Functions that Define Industry- Leading CASB
  4. Top 10 CASB with DLP takeaways