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Acceleration Economy

Zero Trust Network Access | A CISO Guidebook

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What's Inside

Does your organization have the security mindset to ensure that no one is trusted by default— no device, application, person, or organization? This guidebook offers insights on making zero trust a reality in our businesses, minimizing vulnerabilities that come with software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, mobile devices, and hybrid work environments.

Practitioner analyst and CISO, Robert Wood, shares analysis on mobile threats and the challenges they bring. CIO Wayne Sadin lays out foundational security technology to successfully manage SaaS apps and hybrid work. Finally, Kieron Allen details Lookout’s zero-trust platform.

Learning Objectives

  1. SaaS Sprawl and Mobile Threats Create New Cybersecurity Frontier
  2. Securing SaaS Apps and Data Requires a Foundation Built on Zero Trust
  3. Understanding Lookout’s Approach to Zero Trust