Acceleration Economy

Aligning Data and Cybersecurity Strategy

An Acceleration Economy Data & Cybersecurity Guidebook

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What's Inside

Data is an organization’s lifeblood, which makes it a prime target for the cyberattackers of the world. To keep your data safe, you need a comprehensive understanding of how to protect it: everything from preventing data silos to getting a firm handle on new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

In our Data & Cybersecurity guidebook, our practitioner analysts including Wayne Sadin, Frank Domizio, and Rob Wood offer critical insights on how to protect your critical data from attacks and breaches and ensure your organization capitalizes on cybersecurity as a business enabler.

What You Will Learn

  1. The seven critical data types all CISOs must protect
  2. How access control, regular monitoring, compliance, and other strategies are necessary to safeguard data
  3. The three primary risks of maintaining a highly siloed data structure
  4. The importance of keeping bias out of AI
  5. Why data security must extend beyond an organization’s four walls to encompass every data channel.
  6. All about the risk of data leakage when it comes to AI models.
  7. Principles to protect against ransomware