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Report: AI, Cloud Functionality Highlight 5 Data Products to Watch in 2024

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Executive Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) seized the spotlight in 2023 but data remains a core business priority. While there continues to be a blurring between AI-generated and human-generated data, data and related processes must be modernized in the era of AI and generative AI.

In this report, practitioner analyst Aaron Back dives into five data products to watch this year that can help business tech leaders answer key questions around what data operations looks like with AI, how to balance data, AI and data+AI, and how the roles of employees change as data and AI blur.

Elements of Report

  1. Couchbase Capella IQ
  2. Gathr Platform
  3. Microsoft Fabric
  4. Snowflake Data Cloud
  5. Teradata Vantage Cloud