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    Essential Skills

    3 Essential Skills CFO’s Need for Success

    Success for a CFO can be determined by a number of factors. However, effective CFOs have a blend of skills and a determined mindset. What skills are necessary to be successful?

    Future Office of the CFO: Promoting a Culture of Security

    Promoting a Culture of Cybersecurity

    CFOs need be on the front lines to mitigate security risks. Their leadership is needed to create a culture of cybersecurity. And, this requires foresight and investment in people and technology.

    Creating Opportunities - Transparency and the CFO with Pulak Sinha

    Creating Opportunities: Transparency and the CFO

    The CFO’s role has shifted and it’s important to recognize opportunities by being transparent – in communication, data, investments, and people. In this “Back @ IT” episode, I’m joined by Pulak Sinha, CEO of Pepper to dive into all these topics.

    Future Office of the CFO: Building on a Foundation of Data Intelligence

    Building on a Foundation of Data Intelligence

    CFOs are increasingly investing in data infrastructure to create a single source of truth, and investing in upskilling people. An intelligent data foundation is necessary for long-term sustainability.

    CFOs Prepare for Future of Finance

    The Urgent Need to Redefine the Office of the CFO

    An ever-growing amount of responsibilities and advances in technology is forcing many CFOs to adapt to a significant number of changes. Identifying new investment opportunities and rethinking their typical approach to handling external pressures are essential skills that CFOs need in today’s ever-evolving work environment.

    Future Office of the CFO - Importance of Advanced Data Analytics

    The Importance of Advanced Data Analytics for the CFO

    It’s a must: CFOs need to upskill to be more tech-savvy in advanced analytics. In this “Future Office of the CFO Minute, Aaron Back, Senior Analyst, emphasizes the importance of understanding and delivering data strategically.

    The Future of Tax is in the Cloud

    Vertex provides results from a survey on how organizations are digitally transforming by migrating to cloud-based tax solutions.

    finance leaders expect potential challenges

    Top Concerns for Finance Leaders in 2021

    The impact of the pandemic shifted the focus to digital initiatives for CFOs and other finance leaders. However, these leaders need to be prepared to face various challenges.

    Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable Automation Overview

    As CFOs are looking for ways to modernize their finance operations, many are turning to implement AP Automation to accelerate their initiatives. Read what to expect in the AP Automation Guidebook, including details on adopting these trends to streamline operations.

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