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Acceleration Economy

Oracle Data Platform Meets Jack Rabbit: Different Century, Same Outcome

Exadata White Paper

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What's Inside

In today’s business world, the data platform capabilities of the past are no longer sufficient enough for the evolving needs of business leaders and users. More specifically, the data platforms of today must be more agile, powerful, resilient, and future-proof to stay relevant in the business world.

While many data platforms exist, not all deliver on the needs of customers. Customer expectations — what they need, and don’t need — are shifting, making Oracle’s data platform even more relevant. This White Paper addresses common issues customers face as it relates to data platforms, examines the ways that the Oracle data platform addressed these issues, elaborates on the Exadata cloud infrastructure that the Oracle data platform is built on, and highlights the unparalleled value of the product.

What You Will Learn

  1. How today's data platforms impact industries like financial services, healthcare, and retail
  2. The power of Oracle's Data Platform, built on Exadata cloud infrastructure
  3. Common customer issues, and how Oracle's data platform combats these
  4. How Oracle's data platform creates desired business outcomes for customers