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    The Cloud Wars Industry Cloud Battleground analyzes the the business, technology and operational opportunities that industry specific clouds enable.  On this page you will find registration links to our upcoming and on demand Industry Cloud events, the most important “moments” from past events and exclusive reports and articles to help you take advantage of the hottest category in the greatest growth market the world has ever known. I am your host, Bob Evans, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Wayne Sadin on Cloud ERP Evolution

    Wayne Sadin on Cloud ERP Evolution

    According to IT & Board Advisor, Wayne Sadin, decentralizing industry knowledge across horizontal cloud providers is key to ERP evolution

    Eric Washer, VP at Workday, on Workday Healthcare Cloud & Patient Care

    Workday Healthcare Cloud & Patient Care

    Eric Washer, VP at Workday, says patient care requires the right supplies in the right location at the right time all capable with Workday Healthcare Cloud

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