Debido al incremento exponencial de los usuarios y clientes que consumen reportes y análisis desarrollado en Power BI, así como el incremento del número de dichos proyectos en Power BI, me he visto en la necesidad de desarrollar una solución (escalable) que tenga por objetivo dos cosas fundamentales:

1. Facilitar a mis clientes el aporte de su opinión sobre los reportes y análisis en Power BI; lo que mejora la adopcion de BI e incrementa la satisfaccion del cliente

2. Automatizar y optimizar el análisis y respuesta a dichas opiniones; lo que mejora la capacidad de reaccion del desarrollador

Learn how to update Global Search in Dynamics 365: modify the 3 columns displayed in the search results and add or remove tables searched.Today, I’m going to show you how to update two things with Global Search in Dynamics 365:Modifying the three columns (fields) displayed in the search results screen.Adding/removing tables (entities) searched.Both of these items are done using extremely simple configuration – anyone with system administrator or system customizer security permission levels can do this.

This article has insights into planning from the annual NASA internaional hackathon: The Space Apps Challenge. You’ll find some good tips about including a diverse audience – virtually everyone in the organization can unlock their creativity while creating solutions to problems that follow the themes outlined here.

You can join from anywhere and sign up to be a Mentor or Protégé with Women in Technology (WIT) in 2021. Mentor-Protégé is a marquee program of WIT, linking protégés with experienced professionals, Mentor Protégé takes participants through a structured program that helps them expand their exposure to and knowledge of what it takes to meet their goals.