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This analyst brief, authored by Acceleration Economy Analysts Kieron Allen and Wayne Sadin, with contribution from analysts Toni Witt and Tony Uphoff, offers insights into what is quickly becoming an important role in business, the Chief Metaverse Officer. Sourced from an exclusive interview with Scott Keeney, better known as DJ Skee, this brief offers a detailed view into the role of a Chief Metaverse Officer and how that role may evolve.

This brief includes expert guidance on:

  • Defining the role of a Chief Metaverse Officer
  • How the Chief Metaverse Officer’s role will evolve
  • How the Chief Metaverse Officer interacts with the rest of the C-Suite
  • What industries offer the most potential for a Chief Metaverse Officer

This valuable guide will serve as an ongoing reference for your journey into the role of the Chief Metaverse Officer and what that role means for the businesses of today and tomorrow.

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