If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on the best organizational practices for a post-pandemic future, look no further. This roadmap by Mckinsey & Company has it all.”Future-ready companies share 3 characteristics: 1. They know who they are and what they stand for; 2. They operate with a fixation on speed and simplicity; 3. And they grow by scaling up their ability to learn, innovate, and seek good ideas regardless of their origin. By embracing these fundamentals—through the nine organizational imperatives that underpin them—companies will improve their odds of thriving in the next normal.”

In This video learn how you can batch queries and operations against the REST/OData API of Microsoft SharePoint Online and the Files and folders subset of the Office 365 REST APIs. With this technique, you can improve the performance of your Power Automate Flow by combining many operations into a single request to the server and a single response back.Link to Sample Power Automate https://github.com/DeepakS22/DPowerAutomate/blob/master/SPBatchRequest_20210209162219.zip

With the flood of sales tax decisions in the news, you may be wondering if your own tax setups and processes are right. During this session we’ll review the current state of sales tax laws and how the Wayfair decision has impacted nexus and forced changes on almost all companies. We’ll also discuss differing tax laws by jurisdiction and what the future may hold. Next, we’ll review how to set up BC / NAV to properly capture and report sales and use tax for items and taxing jurisdictions. Included in this will be what changes will be needed based on recent events, including the use of product and tax groups to help with reporting. We’ll also review the limitations on BC / NAV which will impact your operations and how to overcome them. Lastly, we’ll review what to do when the tax man cometh: how to prepare for an audit, how to get a nexus study done, and how to use BC / NAV to determine economic nexus.​​

Learn how you can start creating your own regression tests leveraging the Task Recorder, Excel and Azure Dev Ops together. If you are concerned about how your organization can practically take continuous updates then you will not want to miss this session. I will share tips and tricks for creating and running your tests. Learning Objectives: Discuss the prerequisites for installing and using RSAT.
Create task recordings, save them to the BPM, and synchronize tasks to Azure DevOps.

According to this Bain research, some MedTech companies are more likely to outperform their peers during and after the crisis. The difference between these winning firms? They’re category leaders. Learn how, with a focus on category leadership rather than scale, MedTech companies can build market-leading positions and see attractive returns, accelerating ahead of the competition and out of the downturn.

Okay, everything is probably a stretch, but we will do our best. In this session, you will learn about how to get started with Flow approvals. We will talk about the different options with approvals, how to bend them to your will, how to fake approvals if you want to use them outside your org (fancy), and how you can use them to facilitate your native SharePoint approvals. Man, I am excited writing this description so come join the fun and let’s learn about Flow Approvals by lots of demos and minimal PowerPoint.

Inogic is a leading Microsoft ISV Gold Partner for Dynamics 365 CRM with a global customer base in 50+ countries. Our wide range of innovative productivity Apps for Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps include – Maplytics™, InoLink, User Adoption Monitor, Click2Export, Click2Clone, Click2Undo, Attach2Dynamics, SharePoint Security Sync, Alerts4Dynamics, Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation, Kanban Board, Map My Relationships, Auto Tax Calculator, Recurring Billing Manager & Subscription Management.

Join a cast of moderators as they lead us through a review of the material associated with this certification exam. Content will cover Microsoft’s exam guide (found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/mb-600). Each week we’ll cover a section of the material and discuss the items we believe most pertinent to the exam. This is a collaborative study group – while we have moderators lined up we are always open to questions, insights and knowledge from all participants!