Inventory control plays a critical role in the success of any manufacturing company, but through years of experience working with manufacturers, we’ve found that inventory control is often an area with ample room for improvement.  In the Inventory Control Best Practices webinar,our lean manufacturing expert will cover a series of topics to help manufacturers gauge what level their at when it comes to inventory control, and provide some tips on how to improve performance.  Some of the topics we will cover are:
The 5 risks associated with being an inventory control laggard
What are the 8 signs of an inventory control crisis
How to measure your inventory control performance
5 tricks to improving inventory control performance
Lean inventory control techniques (KanBan, TwoBin,FIFO Lane, Supermarkets)

Running an effective meetup virtually is not easy. The goal of a meetup is to foster an open community and share information that participants find useful. With this goal in mind, Microsoft Teams has a few different ways that you can run a virtual event. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks.
Gregory Petrossian, Business Transformation Consultant at CSG Pro will walk you through these options to help prepare for your next virtual meetup!​


Rick speaks with fellow Dynamics 365 MVP Steve Mordue. The two experts discuss everything from their personal business approaches to the future of Microsoft.

In this PartnerTalk, you’ll learn:

• How to build a better CRM for SMBs
• Where Microsoft needs to improve
• Where their industry is headed

A common need for purchasing managers is to be able to plan purchase orders by container or truckload. There’s no sense in shipping a container that’s half full! The options you have in BC/NAV are limited. We’ll discuss the few options you have to make this work and we’ll talk about the best way to customize NAV/BC to handle this sort of requirement.

Rick chats with Michael Dohr,’s COO. helped to pioneer D365 addon solutions – they built their first addon in 2005!

In this PartnerTalks, you’ll learn:

• The D365 Community Summit
• How streamlines users’ typical D365 tasks
• The benefits of working together with the D365 User Group Community to refine the software

Take advantage of all Business Central has to offer in Service Management. In this section of our Getting Started series we will cover how to manage dispatch for your service personnel to ensure you have the right technician on the right job at the right time.

If you want to find out why everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence, how it can be applied to the world of ERP and Finance, and what can be achieved with the standard functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, this session is for you! We will demonstrate how to setup and use Late payment prediction and Sales and Inventory Forecast functionalities so your company can set out on the road to getting intelligent insights right now with a minimal investment.

Join Belinda to learn the lessons she has learned (the hard way) on having local User Group Meetings that still have that personal touch. Belinda is a co-leader of the Charleston (SC) Power BI User Group Chapter and was a previous co-leader of the New York City GP User Group Chapter.

Belinda’s role with the Charleston Power BI UG is managing remote meetings. Also, Belinda has presented remotely for UG meetings many times over the last few years.


Presented by: @Geoff Ables

​CRM can deliver faster sales cycles, higher win rates, more loyal customers and accelerated marketing. But more than 60% of the time, CRM fails to deliver on those promises.

If you’re struggling with CRM adoption, then this is the session that you can’t afford to miss.

Learn why some CRM projects fail – and how to successfully recover. Better yet, understand how to set yourself up for success from the start!


Service Contracts give you a tool for recording and tracking service agreements between you and your customers. In this session, we will review how you can set up Service Contracts manually, or with a contract template. We will discuss the billing options for the Service Contracts and the setups related to Prepaid versus Non-Prepaid Service Contracts. Prepaid billings can be directed to deferred revenue account and Non-Prepaid billings can be directed to a regular revenue account.

The majority of CRM systems have duplicate data to some degree, that is no mystery! We cover the cause and effect of this data- including GDPR compliance issues. We cover how to design out duplicate data and reduce the risks of adding duplicate data! Learn processes you can put in place to reduce it and how to address it if you have it. Duplicate data management starts with policies and processes, with a little help from technology you can deal with it & improve user adoption and customer satisfaction.

In Power BI we are used to creating reports and dashboards really quickly, in most cases we forget to think about governance, development and maintenance at an enterprise wide scale.
During this session I share some best practices about applying DTAP (Development, Production, Acceptance and Production), better known as multi-tier deployment.
By using Azure DevOps for deployment we bring back the structure and use a self-service tool in an enterprise environment.

If you’re going to use Service Management effectively, you are going to need to know what you’re servicing. In this session we will cover Service Items for Items you’ve sold to your Customers, Service Items for Items your customers have purchased elsewhere and Service Items for things you own. We will also discuss the setups related to Service Items that keep your Service Department operating effectively.​

Join this session to obtain a guideline for performing standard year-end procedures. This session will provide you with the proper tools necessary to close the books in GP timely and assist with your year-end close. Come learn how to reduce the time spent at year-end preparing for your auditors.​

Dynamics 365 PSA or Project Service Automation is a fully functional Project Management application for services organizations. Whether you are doing Fixed Priced/Milestone based projects or Time & Materials projects, D365 PSA is the right platform for any organization already using D365. In this session you will hear from our Delivery Head, Kuldeep Gupta, who has written one of the first e-book on PSA , has published several articles on the Dynamics community and publications like MSDynamicsWorld.

Presented by: @Geoff Ables

It’s a fact – 47% of CRM projects fail 2 or more times before organizations get it right. One of the most critical reasons: not understanding the unique planning process. This session will dive into what should be included in your CRM roadmap, how to build it, getting the team engaged, building your business case, measuring the ROI, benchmarking user satisfaction, and constantly improving.

In this webinar, we are going to see how you can store documents in SharePoint Online and how we can secure those documents through its security features. To use the document management functionality, you need to enable the server-based SharePoint integration on a site collection in SharePoint Online. Note that installing the Dynamics 365 list component was previously used for earlier versions of SharePoint on-premises and is not required for SharePoint Online and later versions of SharePoint on-premises. ​

This session will provide insights about the Dynamics AX/365 for Finance and Operations Item Coverage setup for Master Planning. The session will explore a variety of codes and settings and the influence on Forecast and Master Scheduling. Discover the MRP options available for the management of time fences, production / purchasing / transfer requirements and other coverage settings.


Dynamics 365 Version 9 includes a number of new interesting features and enhancements in the area of CRM. Wondering about upcoming and recently released capabilities in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement? I have captured all the details, end to end, top to bottom, which you can recommend for planning for users and customers and will present it to you in this webinar.​