Join GPUG All-Stars Aleiha Hanson, Belinda Allen, Jo deRuiter and Frank Heslin as they discuss tips and tricks for virtual presentations. Discussion will include PPT presentation, presenting to an audience you can’t see, and other tips for virtual sessions. Bring your questions and your experiences to share!​​​​

So while other executives in the Cloud Wars had superb years and were forces of outsized change and innovation and impact, I chose Benioff as the Cloud Wars CEO of the Year for 2020 because he achieved all of those things without his company missing a step

Presented by Based on Patrick Lencioni’s Best Seller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this session will dive into what makes teams in the workplace successful and what makes them fail. We will explore the five dysfunctions in detail, discuss why they are each detrimental to the team and how to overcome them.​

In this session, we’ll show you how easy it can be to mistakenly create what seems to be a useful dashboard in Excel or Power BI, but isn’t truly relevant due to poor data management. Then we’ll walk through best practices and tools for effective data organization and governance processes so you can ensure you’ll always walk away with what are helpful, accurate dashboards that will drive competitive, stellar results.​​

Do you ever find yourself updating the wrong date field in Microsoft Dynamics NAV? The purpose of this webinar is to understand how date fields within NAV work.  There are multiple date fields within standard Nav and each one has a separate function.  Filling in or updating the wrong field could be preventing you from receiving the results that would like on other reports. So join us for a quick review where we will help you understand what each of these fields mean and how they can affect your reports.

Hi, my name is Shane, and I am obsessed with PowerApps. That has led to me working on 100’s of Power Apps with people across the globe. In this session, I am going to share with you my lessons learned along the way. Things like building focused apps, my process for working on apps, how to choose data sources, the key factors around images, where Power Automate fits, and more. I will even cover my “never” list of things I don’t do in Power Apps.

Learn how to adjust your upgrade strategy to align with Microsoft’s changes, and how to evaluate your upgrade options in light of new models. We will cover as well the transition from C/AL to AL and from custom mods to Events, so you can realize the reality of less disruptive and less costly upgrades.​​

This demo-packed webinar will load, analyze and process Star Wars data into streamlined business processes that combine the Power Platform and AI to generate actionable insights. We cover the art of the possible and gain the Force of a Power Platform Jedi!
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Alkermes, a global biopharmaceutical leader headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with a research and development center near Boston, Massachusetts is using SAP Concur to digitally transform processes around automation to drive multiple efficiencies. Understand the why and how behind their strategy to learn how this can inform your decision making process around automation!

Sherlock Holmes had a very stringent method for solving mysteries, I have found that when faced with hard problems in Dynamics 365 learning from how detectives like Sherlock Holmes work can be very helpful. As a long time expert, I often get called in to solve issues which others have failed to solve. Sometimes, using these methods it is elementary, sometimes it requires relentless investigation many days of gathering data, analysis, comparisson, deduction. I will share this method and some of my stories of the trickier problems I have had. 

Knowing where to start and how to begin using AI technology in business applications can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many services available. Learn what Azure Cognitive Services are and how to begin utilizing these pre-built services in your applications low-code approaches. This webinar also includes demonstrations on how to begin integrating the services using Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow to other services like the PowerPlatform.​