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In this episode, I’m doing a round-up of some cool low-code/no-code solutions across different industries. I’ll showcase some of these app solutions in real-time to give you a peek into what’s possible.

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Did you know Microsoft has released a tool to help with managing compliance for a variety of regulations and standards, like GDPR, NIST, ISO20071, and HIPAA? And even better news, it works with not just Dynamics 365, but also Office 365 and Azure, integrating with your own AD as well. All companies need to worry about securing their data and being compliant with the regulations out there nowadays. In this session, we will show and demo how the Compliance Manager can help.  

You may have heard about Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) but what is happening in other countries around the world? Read on to find out! Brazil, China, Canada, and New Zealand have all implemented new laws that require compliance in the privacy arena. As this article concludes, “Companies that do business internationally would be well-advised to employ a global perspective in designing their 2021 compliance efforts to ensure they address the rapidly expanding scope of privacy laws beyond Europe and California.”

The majority of CRM systems have duplicate data to some degree, that is no mystery! We cover the cause and effect of this data- including GDPR compliance issues. We cover how to design out duplicate data and reduce the risks of adding duplicate data! Learn processes you can put in place to reduce it and how to address it if you have it. Duplicate data management starts with policies and processes, with a little help from technology you can deal with it & improve user adoption and customer satisfaction.

If you manage the security of your company’s data, while challenging, you also have the opportunity to be a champion for your company with the right tools. In this session, learn how Fastpath can help provide your company to answers important questions like: Do you know who has access to your data, what they are doing with that data, and the risks to your data? With the Fastpath Assure cloud platform, you can answer these questions and provide an internal control framework to meet your compliance needs. Get rid of manual, prone to error, security related tasks and replace them with solid controls around user access, segregation of duties, tracking changes to critical data, and setting up new users. Fastpath will help your company take your security by design to the next level. We also will review the native controls in Dynamics 365F&O/AX around security, showing where Fastpath can help fill gaps and improve efficiencies in security reporting. In today’s world, with GDPR, SOX, and ever-growing number of audits, having the right security and financial controls in place is more important than ever. This session will show how the Fastpath governance, risk, and compliance solutions can help your company become a security and compliance superstar.